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A journey to a regenerative future starts with you!

Please join us today to create a space equipped for the challenges of the next generation

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The Coldharbour Ranch sits on a beautiful 334 acres where the Cochetopa and Tomichi converge, along one of the narrowest sections of this valley. Because of this, this site has been home to many animals seeking refuge, pre-Ute peoples seeking a vantage point for tracking wildlife and hunting, early cattleman and miners seeking a respite from their everyday at a Barn dance, and students and community members seeking a place to connect back to their roots and find solutions for their future. Coldharbour has a rich history of gathering in our place. Through these many centuries of users, Coldharbour has morphed with the needs of the times, and we hope to continue this legacy. It is time to find solutions to our changing environment so we can better adapt and mitigate these effects. It is time to come together as a community to share our knowledge and pass it on to the next generation. It is time to incubate our ideas for better land management, better agriculture, better building sciences, better energy, and better collaboration.